Practice Areas

Where We Are Making a Difference

We understand that conflict can affect many areas of your life. That’s why we offer a variety of services.

At CRC, we offer many services that encompass a variety of litigation and mediation needs. Whether you feel you’ve been wronged, or if someone or some entity is bringing claims against you, we have the knowledge and experience to properly prepare you.

We understand that conflict cases can often involve intense emotions and can be as mentally trying as they are financially, especially if the proceedings are drawn out and delayed. Our expertise will allow you to minimize the financial and emotional toll that litigation can carry.

Civil Wrongs

This usually involves claims for financial relief such as for personal injuries arising from negligence, claims of defamation, slander or libel, or from breach of an agreement.

Employment Law

May include termination of employment, harassment, and the negotiation or enforcement of collective agreements.

Equitable Relief

This often involves applications for interim and immediate remedies and are usually about issues of basic fairness. For example when an injunction, or order to desist is required, or you may need a declaration in a disagreement over land ownership or the positioning of boundary lines.

Family Law Issues

Common examples of this are divorce, separation, custody, and support.

Criminal Law

May include restitution for survivors and assisting offenders in addressing the harm caused.

Restorative Justice

In appropriate cases, this may be delivered through negotiation with the Crown and Defense counsel, and involves seeking approval of the Court.