Our Services

Consistently Leading Clients Toward Resolution

We employ our years of experience to help you maximize your chance of reaching an amiable settlement.

We provide a variety of services to individuals and companies experiencing conflict that are seeking the best outcome for the client as one of the parties of the dispute. We coach clients through conflicts, assist in developing and presenting positions, help others control anger while negotiating, prepare clients for negotiations, assist in defining options and outcome priorities, prepare for all stages of a negotiation, assist clients through conciliation, mediation, and the combined med-arbitration process, and represent clients in arbitration and/or litigation.


We also provide services in unique circumstances to all parties of a dispute, enabled through formal collaborative neutral engagements. In these instances we seek beneficial outcomes for all the parties of the dispute. We are also able to design dispute resolution processes for businesses and other organizations.  We provide and manage collaborative law engagements by acting under formal agreement for both sides. Finally, we can facilitate group meetings to encourage better understanding of opposing factions and to search for common ground through face-to-face encounters.

Personal Conflict

We begin your journey to resolution through careful self-examination.

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Corporate Disputes

Our expertise will help you restore your workplace to a more peaceful environment.

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Going to Court

We do our best to avoid litigation, but we understand that sometimes it’s necessary.

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Our coaching support can help you mitigate and reduce the chances of conflict arising.

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If you need research on a matter of fact or law, in a personal dispute, or as a second opinion in an existing legal proceeding, we can provide the information you need.

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