Our Capabilities

Offering Traditional & Alternative Approaches

We offer services to best suit our client’s needs. In the art and science of conflict resolution, one form of process does not fit all disputes.

If you need the traditional approach to litigation, we can help you. In court, you need the hardest hitting hammer possible, and we can do that. This approach can be about payback, retribution, and restitution. This may involve a public airing of the issues in an open court of law or a private adjudication in an arbitration case.

Since around 1995, our organization has experienced a client preference away from the traditional courtroom appearances. Alternative approaches such as coaching, negotiation, group facilitation, conciliation, and mediation involve fundamental differences from the traditional method and which warrant your consideration.

The Right Start

We begin your journey to resolution through careful self-examination.

Regain Trust

Our expertise will help you restore your workplace to a more peaceful environment.

Managing Litigation

We do our best to avoid litigation, but we understand that sometimes it’s necessary.

Plan Ahead

Our coaching support can help you mitigate and reduce the chances of conflict arising.

Your Guide

If you need research on a matter of fact or law, in a personal dispute or as a second opinion in an existing legal proceeding we can provide the information you need.

Here to Help

We are qualified to act for one side advocating your cause, or for both sides under a mutually agreed collaborative engagement, or independently of both sides offering facilitation, conciliation, arbitration, mediation or a blend of these services.