A Client-Centered Approach to Conflict Resolution

CRC offers a personalized and compassionate approach towards conflict resolution that is proven to be effective.

CRC is not just another law firm. We specialize in conflict management and resolution. We encourage our clients to examine their needs and in doing so, to consider their disputes from various perspectives, both to ensure the impact of the conflict is understood, and to adapt the best resolution process.

We seek the best outcome with the least acrimony and financial cost. When no reasonable end can be expected, coping skills can be learned to reduce the aggravation. We also firmly believe that many large issues are simply smaller ones that were poorly managed. There can be happier days ahead.

We take the time to assist the client in understanding the real cost of conflict in terms of the range of potential outcomes including their potential impacts financially and from a personal health perspective.

Approaching the other side with the hammer that is litigation does not always work out the way you may hope. Law suits have a way of snapping back at those who start them. Formal counter claims can be filed by the opposition turning the tables on expectations and cost awards can be granted to them as defendants of a legal action. Sometimes even a decisive victory does not necessarily come with the satisfaction you might expect. In all situations you have to live with the results.


Our Services

Consistently Leading Clients Toward Resolution

Personal Conflict

We begin your journey to resolution through careful self-examination.

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Corporate Disputes

Our expertise will help you restore your workplace to a more peaceful environment.

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Going to Court

We do our best to avoid litigation, but we understand that sometimes it’s necessary.

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Our coaching support can help you mitigate and reduce the chances of conflict arising.

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If you need research on a matter of fact or law, in a personal dispute, or as a second opinion in an existing legal proceeding, we can provide the information you need.

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