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Another Successful Conciliation/Mediation in an Employment Dispute

02 17 2018

The dispute involved three different parties, all of whom were managers, whose duties were linked to over 100 staff members. The dispute threatened to disrupt a busy workplace that might have seriously impacted a significant revenue stream. CRC met with each party offsite to explain the service. Authorization was given to discuss ground rules and upon written confirmation of consent, the CONCILIATION started. Each party explained in a private communication to the facilitator the details of their respective positions. The positions were shared, follow-up responses were shared, and the underlying issues and key outstanding differences were identified. Though out this process, the parties experienced improvement communications at work, as they sensed progress was being made towards resolution of the dispute.  The parties identified 19 items that needed to be included in a settlement agreement. Written drafts of those potential settlement terms were exchanged. The parties were ready for mediation. The MEDIATION occurred offsite and took just under 2 hours to fine tune the settlement on the 19 points with 4 other items added. The clients celebrated their signed agreement and were relieved to get to the end. In just under a month, the agreement had been reached while no disruption of work place operations and the all-important revenue flow had occurred.  CON/MED encourages opportunities for better understanding of positions leading to principled negotiations and reduces acrimony that can get in the way of settlement.  CON/MED works!