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Government Employees and Politicians

10 22 2018

In the last few months CRC has witnessed a marked increase in disputes between public servants of various levels of governments that are their employers.  These matters are often complicated by unique political considerations. For example, some have involved complainants with municipal councillors who as a group form the communities’ Council that is the direct employer of the complainant. In these situations, each individual councillor may have the power and authority over the employee.  Sometimes the complaints are very public disputes, where the elected official as the employer, threatens to discuss publicly the employee’s performance. In all cases CRC has been able to unpack the issues, to examine the underlying motivations, to bring the parties back to their common goals of working for the benefit of the communities, in respectful work places. It is uplifting to see these outcomes and knowing that reasonable people acting reasonably can reconcile differences. Better work place relationships are possible and 95% of the time workplace respectfulness is not only restored, it is improved.