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Managing Workplace Conflict

06 28 2019

Apart from the CRC TAP Africa file, the most frequently sought service provided by CRC through the first half of 2019 has been assisting businesses both small and large, and governments at all levels, with challenges associated with maintaining their sites as respectful workplaces. The files have covered a wide spectrum of topics only some of which include:

  • Apparently innocent causes of serious workplace toxicity
  • Links of disrespectful managerial behavior to constructive dismissal    
  • Issues arising from complaint processes that allow whistle blowing and anonymous submissions, and related due process concerns affecting respondents and their right to address complaints 
  • Adverse impacts of failed apologies and the extenuating legal implications
  • Suitability of individuals assigned to manage conflicts, the fight or flight tendencies
  • Women’s rights to equal treatment and addressing the dynamics of old boy’s clubs  
  • Strains from change        

Conflict is corrosive, damaging, and almost always is a distraction causing people to be unproductive. Root causes must be understood, they must to be clearly defined and comprehensively discussed to completely clear the air. Sometimes the path to a better work atmosphere is a full 90 degree turn for whole groups of people, turns in thinking and acting in a new direction. CRC can help you make that turn.  We aim to not only restore relationships to the status before the conflict began, but bring them to a better understanding allowing people to be optimistic about their personal growth in their working environments.