Reducing Costs Through Skype and Facetime    

11 22 2018

CRC has noticed greater efficiencies of time and effort, allowing the reduction of client costs, through the appropriate use of Skype and Facetime. “Appropriate use” is a key consideration since we cannot expect that the parties’ privacy is guaranteed. When the apps can be used, they are well suited to faster more convenient opportunities for conciliation between parties during the coaching sessions leading up to final face to face mediations. Not only do these apps save time but they reduce travel costs. These apps have commonly become used as substitutes for telephone calls allowing mediators to be available like game time referees. The convenience of the links also means new strategies can be employed that have not been previously possible. Early access to facilitated solutions prevents conflicts from expanding into major blow-ups. Disputants who wish to control the outcome now have other ways of ensuring there may be strong resolutions. Call CRC and check out what may work for you.