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CRC Offers a New Service – Conciliation and Mediation Combined

01 07 2018

Disputes are referred to CRC. Each side is contacted separately to explain the ground rules of the collaborative services, and to confirm authorization to proceed. On confirmation of the consent the CONCILIATION starts. The Conciliation is a series of structured communication sessions with each side. This process can be via email, Skype or Facetime calls, or in short meetings. Conciliation takes on a form of shuttle diplomacy. Each party privately discloses their detailed positions to the CRC facilitator. Our facilitator is given authorization on what may be shared with the other side. Before follow-up meetings occur, the information being shared is summarized in writing. The written summary becomes a private and without prejudice record of the conversation as it expands. The facilitated sharing of information continues. When the conciliation process has done as much as it can to narrow the issues, the parties are ready for the mediation. The MEDIATION is the face to face meeting to address the last hurdles of settlement. By this time the parties are so prepared to mediate, they are focused on ending the process. The success rate of addressing the remaining issues is very high. Allowing for this personal investment of time of the parties in the process, the clients find the mediation is much less stressful, and is more conducive to settlement. A focused mediation can also accommodate presentation options that don’t usually occur in standard mediation. This service has proven to succeed in a wide variety of disputes. Feel free to call us if you think this may work for you.